Learn Japanese! - Kanji

Learn Japanese! - Kanji

By Howell Peebles

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2016-02-20
  • Current Version: 1.0.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.73 MB
  • Developer: Howell Peebles
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 187 Reviews

Learn Japanese! - Kanji App Description

Learn Japanese! - Kanji provides a fast and easy way to learn the Kanji. Features include: - Lessons include both On and Kun readings - Levels cover JLPT Kanji lists - Easy show and quiz style teaching Method. - English to Japanese and Japanese to English. - Easily review previously learned lessons. - Audio pronunciation. - Network access not required.


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App Reviews

  • has a few issues, but still amazing

    By Br3ttTurner
    I love this app. The “review past due” option gives you kanji to review at just the right rate and focusses on the kanji you have been getting wrong. Issues with it: It takes longer and longer to open up the lessons page as you progress: For me it took a full minute for the “group 3” page under N2 to open. Sometimes you’ll be presented with two right answers under the review section and it’ll keep on asking you them because you’ll keep on getting them wrong just by chance. For example, おる and おれる are both coded to have “to break” as the correct answer. Two or so lessons have been glitching out at a certain stage in the lesson which prevents me from being able to do the remaining lessons in the group. Luckily you can still start on the following group. A final, minor nitpick: the app seems to pronounce the combination しょ as しよ. Despite the above downfalls, this app is incredible. It makes it almost effortless to learn. If it were updated I’d spend up to $100 on it, but even in it’s current stage the $10 price (or whatever it was) to unlock every level is still a steal.
  • It's looks like need fixing

    By Strawberryipad
    I wanted to purchase it , using iTunes card But it's always ask me to buy it with master card or Visa card .. Even I have the money to purchase in my apple account.. In the end I didn't purchase it , I hope this app become great as Japanese ! App If all it's bugs fixed I don't mind to buy it , thank you .
  • Great app, if only you could remove English

    By sathgl
    Great app, I would definitely recommend buying the full version. My only complaint is that there is no option to switch to remove the English phrases once you get familiar with the kanji. If there was an option to show you the kanji and you pick the correct hiragana or vice versa. Remove the training wheels so to speak. Then this would be a 5 Star app no question.
  • Has some mistakes

    By acirea
    I love the concept of this app. I was excited to purchase this and use it but there were some mistakes that I can’t ignore... My phone keeps crashing on lvl 3 group 1 #52. I can’t move on to the next steps until i can complete #52, but it keeps crashing. And there are multiple mistakes as well; 彼 is not あれ, it’s read as かれ. And 人種 is read as じんしゅ, not しんたね like it teaches... :( and some don’t even have the full name on the cards, like there’s supposed to be an answer for reading 伯母さん, which is おばさん, but the correct answer you are supposed to choose just says さん.
  • Don’t switch Phones ;-;

    By H1tlerHottie
    I lost my old phone that I had bought the full pack with and when I bought my new phone and downloaded the app again, it didn’t recognize that I had bought the full version. The app itself is great, but don’t switch phones if you plan on using it a lot...
  • Good but…

    By SolarTumble
    I really enjoy this app. I’ve been trying to find an app to learn Japanese and have been jumping around to different apps, but this is the best one by far. The only thing I wish was different was to option to change the font. I much enjoy the simple font over the stylized font, and I have the Japanese! app sent for simple and I whisk this app had the same setting options as the other app
  • Not a very in-depth review, but good app

    By ninthtale
    As a long-time learner of Japanese and wanting to increase my vocabulary, I felt like this would be a good way to increase my hearing and reading vocab. What I wish is I could get a more immersive option. Seeing an English word spelled out kind of yanks me out of learning and stuffs me into decoding.. which isn't the worst problem (intransitive and transitive can be a big deal), but I kinda want to be able to learn a little more outside of the context of English. I know for many words that's more difficult for verbals, but for things like nominals it could easily be represented with pictures; image association instead of decoding English equivalents would, I think, help the process tremendously for more visual learners.
  • Good App, needs improvements

    By Gileadx
    Super short review Good 1) app does not time you per question so you can take your time, understand all the options and pick the best one (and write them down physically as well) 2) the app does a decent job of repeating the most commonly mistaken questions 3) clean simple easy 4) sneakily forces new kanji on you (good for those who are moving slower than they really need to) Bad 1) could use more modes such as a timed mode 2) NEEDS distinction between transitive and intransitive verbs and their answers as a few questions N3 and up (i presume not just N3) have both the transitive and intransitive verb as an option but no distinction between the two (often having the exact same english equivalent) 3) could use some polish for the pronunciation 4) has a strange delay from time to time when selecting an option in menus (could just be my device) 5) could use a safe mode where an answer must be pressed twice to be selected as I’ve bumped the wrong answer with my fat thumbs several times (i personally hate touch screens) But I recommend this over every other app I have used
  • Good App, some annoying bugs

    By GeneralDeathCount
    I really enjoy the learning format of this app and paid money to unlock the full app, however some kanji cause the app to crash and cannot progress further. Also some readings are incorrect and sometimes answers do not show up and leave a blank space. Needs support options.
  • Wonderful!

    By Neko_Kazoku
    I really recommend this app, it’s tremendously helped me learn Kanji. Very user-friendly as well. A feature I love is how it adds to the Kanji dictionary which characters you’ve learned! Maybe one thing to fix, some characters have no pronunciation, and show up blank during a review, but that is not enough for less than five stars ✨ Thank you for this wonderful app ~