Learn Japanese! - Kanji

Learn Japanese! - Kanji

By Howell Peebles

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2016-02-20
  • Current Version: 1.0.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.73 MB
  • Developer: Howell Peebles
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 203 Reviews

Learn Japanese! - Kanji App Description

Learn Japanese! - Kanji provides a fast and easy way to learn the Kanji. Features include: - Lessons include both On and Kun readings - Levels cover JLPT Kanji lists - Easy show and quiz style teaching Method. - English to Japanese and Japanese to English. - Easily review previously learned lessons. - Audio pronunciation. - Network access not required.


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App Reviews

  • Good formula for learning, hard to read font

    By dragonSketch
    I really like the formula these apps have for learning- I’ve made it almost all the way through the other one and it’s helped me a lot trying to teach myself Japanese, but since this app only has the stylized font available for the kanji it’s really frustrating to use a lot of the time and I have difficulty recognizing kanji I’ve seen before (or trying to read kanji outside of this app) because my brain has trouble recognizing the very stylized characters when displayed in another font, and I’m mostly learning online so not being able to read kanji in common internet fonts If there was a simplified font available I’d give this five stars.
  • Will give 5 stars BUT-

    By Oneoclock612
    Just like the one for ひらがなとカタカナ、please please please please add a writing feature! I passed my writing exam because of the writing features of the other app. The fact that stroke order is important in Kanji should be essential in making this app! I will seriously consider purchasing all levels if you add the writing feature! Great app!!! ( ◠‿◠ )
  • Too many wrong kanji readings to be useful

    By Roneru12
    After using the app for a couple weeks, and double checking several kanji through the N3, N4, and N5 levels, there are more wrong kanji readings than I can count at this point. I have to spend added time for ones I never learned just to make sure that I learn them correctly, which defeats the purpose of the app. If the proper readings on definition and answer pages were correct. This would be an awesome app. 後 is “after” not “behind” in N5, lesson 16. And 毎年 is まいとし not まいねん unless another kanji follows. I’m worried about other simple mistakes like this moving forward for kanji I don’t know. Was a three star.
  • Good,but

    By klheah
    Good, but doesn’t pronounce for each kanji
  • Simplified Versions?

    By muscle789
    Can we also see the Kanji in big simplified version rather than just the harder to read stylized ones?
  • Pretty good

    By a simple student
    Id say it's closer to like 3.5 stars it's a good study tool for vocabulary no doubt about that but if I can change anything about this app Is like at least show the stroke order because that's where I think I struggle the most
  • Could be great

    By singmeplease
    I think the layout of this app is great, and I have been using it as a supplementary resource. With a few fixes, it could be a really excellent kanji resource. 1) there are a few errors (e.g. 明い as 「あい」, where it should be 「明るい」, and though they are infrequent, they make me paranoid that the all could have me memorizing an incorrect reading without the user knowing. 2) as another reviewer wrote, there are often prompts that are the same for different words, so you can’t distinguish them and have to guess. E.g “to turn” is used for both 回る and 回す, without distinguishing that one is transitive and one is intransitive, so it’s really just a matter of guessing lucky. 3) it would be great to alternate the reviews so that it isn’t just English words prompting. The learning stage uses a mixture of prompts (kanji, English, hiragana), and yet in the review phase it seems to be pretty much just English. I’d love to be prompted with kanji to test my reading. I do appreciate this app and want to give it a high rating, but I really really really wish these edits were made to make it excellent!
  • Good App. Their other Japanese app is Better.

    By Dreadnought93
    Really love the other Japanese app, as it has some other features that are really nice. 1. Simple vs stylized characters. 2. Drawing the characters. Definitely would love to see those two features added to make this my main Kanji training material. Other than that it seemed like the order of Kanji in the first section was too easy to guess. For example when you select the kanji for one, then it asked to find the English word while displaying the kanji for one. If the questions could be mixed up more that would be a great improvement (adding drawing may help that!).
  • Hiragana

    By PinkWitchPunk
    So far I’ve only worked on the hiragana, and its been GREAT. There’s a few different ways that they practice the hiragana and my favorite thing about this app is how it shows you how to write them properly AND gradually has you write them without aide. The ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the app sometimes freezes up. The first several times I had no idea why it was doing it, but now I think it happens when you select answers too quickly. If you let the audio finish playing before selecting an answer, you should be fine!
  • 4.5

    By elgr8POTaTE
    I really like this app, I have the full version and it works really well with my learning style. My only suggestion is if they could add in that feature that makes you learn to draw the kanji it would be perfect.