Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile


  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 1.60
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 360.30 MB
  • Developer: IGG.COM
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 22,649 Reviews

Lords Mobile App Description

Want to clash with 110 million global players? Dive into LORDS MOBILE, the real-time-strategy mobile MMO game. Explore exotic magical lands thrown into chaos by terrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Choose your favorite heroes, make new friends, and charge fearlessly into war! Strike down your foes and build an empire! FEATURES ● An Open-World Mobile Strategy Game Join with millions of players in an open world, on mobile! See, chat, and clash with other players in this MMO strategy game! ● Finding Friends Unite your allies in your kingdom and ride into war together! ● Rule as the Emperor Claim the throne in a battle royale for the kingdom! Will your legacy as a empire be just or cruel?! ● Powerful Heroes Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills and character! Let them lead your kingdom to glory, or mix and match them to complete an RPG&SLG-style campaign that you will want to play again and again! ● Master Your Strategy How will you prepare your troops for the clash? Think of new lineups and perfect your strategy! Find the best way to strike down your opponent in this top-notch mobile MMO SLG! ● Animated Battles Experience the thrill of war as armies clash in beautiful 3D graphics! ● Switching Kingdoms Establish your empire on new lands by moving to any server you want with a simple tap! Get mobile! ● Choose Your Path Will you conquer enemy kingdoms and imprison rival lords? Will you liberate prisoners of war? Or will your kingdom and empire crumble to dust? ● Summon Familiars Forge pacts with fearsome monsters and make them Familiars! Train and groom your new companions to their full potential. With their powers by your side, nothing can stand in your way! Write your own legacy, only in LORDS MOBILE! Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/LordsMobile


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App Reviews

  • This game is boring

    By Binh au
    Every time this game is boring.why would this stupid company made this crap.this company made their game more worse and more boring.i bet this company should be dissolved

    By acohmer
    This game is fun and so addicting that you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars!! I did... probably close to $1500.. then my account was hacked and all my gems were stolen. IGG DID NOTHING!!! Sent me an email saying “Sorry”. Don’t waste you time or you money!! It is impossible to be successful in this game without spending a lot of money and you can lose it all in an instant. Accounts are not protected or safe!! When you stuff is stolen they will do nothing to help you!!
  • Game is great, but you HAVE to make food matter

    By DaWulf_True
    I love the game, I think it’s very fun and addicting. But I don’t think it’s healthy for the game to have people whose army costs 5-6 times what their food production is without a penalty. Troops should die if there’s no food available for 5 minutes. If you’re 5 times over you should lose 100 troops every 5 minutes. Unless you’re using your reserves to keep them up. I think it’s very ridiculous to have people completely disregard one resource and have nothing to lose for it, because they can just raid low level people and stay up in resources. Balance the game, and give people a chance to actually gain in the game.
  • Not bad

    By Thor1981rocks
    Ok game! Kills time but to many things that cost real money to get!!!
  • Tru

    By Tru'
    My last rating was 5 STARS FOR OVERALL GREAT GAME! But this game deserves the ability to zoom out more. Takes too long scrolling to view kingdom! I be scrolling all day! Fix the “ZOOM OUT” abilities. So low ratings for “ZOOM OUT ABILITY”
  • It’s fun

    By PotPi
    It’s also super cute
  • Game is rigged for Chinese

    By Fggffujvdsrgccjivdsrc
    Game is fun and strategic but is rigged in favor of Chinese players
  • 😶

    By Give my mony bac
    This game is amazing I really like it but the graphics are terrible please make the graphics better like the manor it’s looks pretty dumb like something my baby brother would draw I haven’t built it because how terrible it looks and the farm just looks a like a bunch of wheat stacked in a pile the quarry is some wood on stones the castle again looks like something my baby brother would draw the vault also has some pretty bad graphics basically every building looks like something my baby brother would draw I’m starting to think your my baby brother does this face look familiar to you 👶 pllllllleaaaaase make better graphics pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Great game

    By Kookie234
  • Scam! Scam! Scam!

    By CSM0912
    Wish there was a zero star option for scammers who steal your money!!! I was really enjoying this game as it was a good distraction while getting my walking/treadmill time in. It was very interactive and made the miles go by much faster. I was going to leave a good review to that end... HOWEVER, I decided to make an in-app purchase for a game package in order to play more while I waited on upgrades that take progressively longer (DAYS - which is also ridiculous!) I made the purchase, yet never received the game items. I followed up with their customer support and provided a screen shot with proof of the purchase showing on my Apple account and that still wasn’t enough to either credit the items to my account or cancel my purchase. After going round and round,(about a stupid in-app purchase) I was told repeatedly that it was not their problem, that I would have to chase the Apple store down about it. So now, my money is tied up somewhere in cyberspace, but the app that accepted my money has no clue where it is and no access to the order? Yet IT WAS PURCHASED THROUGH THEIR APP!!! Still no resolution as of this time, but entirely too much trouble for something so small. But I don’t like getting ripped off and my money taken for something I don’t receive. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!!!