HP Prime Pro

HP Prime Pro

By HP Inc.

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-12-16
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 75.79 MB
  • Developer: HP Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 3
Based on 55 Reviews

HP Prime Pro App Description

HP Prime Pro is an extensive and integrated graphing calculator app that enables students to solve problems, learn, and explore on their mobile device. Designed with the same layout and features as the College Board approved HP Prime Graphing Calculator, the app answers the demands of the digital classroom and delivers flexible functionality anywhere you work. FEATURES: • Advanced graphing capabilities to graph implicit and explicit equations and inequalities, with the capability to trace or build tables of points of interest. • Use the Graph 3D feature to plot functions that define Z in terms of X and Y • Units & base conversions to handle the most complex problems in chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics and other engineering fields • Pinch-to-zoom and multi-touch capabilities for a hands-on, intuitive experience. • Full featured programming language including user defined functions and re-assignable keys • Perfect companion for secondary and collegiate mathematics courses with dynamic Geometry, Statistics, Finance, and Spreadsheet applications. • Just-in-time context-sensitive help available through the app. • Easily toggle decimals to special values of (a/b)*π, (a/b)*√(c/d), ln(a/b), and e^(a/b) • Solve single equations and systems of equations (linear and nonlinear).. • HP Prime Explorer allows the user discover several function families • Calculate bonds, cash flows, dates and more with the Finance feature. • Reduce keystrokes with optional RPN. • Delivers a multidimensional Computer Algebra System (CAS). • Authentic app, developed and supported by HP.


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App Reviews

  • exp2trig(exp(i*x)) crashes

    By Kevin37753
    This is the example from the user manual. Paid $25. Unacceptable. Update: reduced to 1 star. Calculator is unusable for most CAS commands, and no response from HP when issue posted on two forums (one official, other mohpc) BEWARE, this could be a great calculator, but appears to have been abandoned by HP: do not buy.
  • Latest Version of Calculator Keeps on Crashing

    By hollmrl
    This was a great app, but the latest version has significant issues and has become unusable. It constantly crashes when you use any of the CAS solve capability. I tried deleting the app and re-installing, but that did not correct the problem. I do not know if this is a compatibility issue with IOS 12 or a bug introduced in the latest version, but it exists in both the iPhone & iPad versions. There doesn’t seem to be a way to contact HP on the issue (no phone or email). The app support link is totally useless since it appears you can only get support for the physical calculator and not the app for which they charge a lot of money for. Extremely frustrated with HP’s poor support with an app that constantly crashes. Beware and keep away until they fix this.
  • Still doesn’t work

    By N4S
    The Pro app still crashes when entering any variable in CAS mode. The lite version however works. It is very easy to reproduce the error: with the latest iOS version, enter in CAS mode, type x and then ENTER and the app crashes. There is not apparent support from HP and this seems to be this way from near three months. Don’t purchase unless you see it fixed. This was posted 2/21/2019.
  • Crashes

    By johnet123
    This program has been broken for months and still no update. HP, if you are not going to fix this program, at least put the previous one back because, at least it work.
  • CAS features crash iPhone X

    By shonb123
    I own the HP Prime calculator and thought this would be a nice portable version for meetings, etc. Unfortunately it crashes when you use CAS features. HP, please fix!
  • CAS crashes

    By krischinx
    Cannot solve with CAS mode. Just crashes app. Considering cost of app, very disappointed.
  • Great Replica of the Calculator

    By The real BigJim
    Over all I love the representation of the calculator, but that makes it rather annoying to attempt to program on the calculator without the external keyboard. That was one of the biggest drawbacks to the actual calculator. Update on Version 2.1: they fixed the issue with using the side menu on the rotation, and the issue that I now find that attempting to calculate any integral will cause the application to crash.
  • HP not so Prime

    By tmcquade
    They really screwed this up on the last update. It went from one of the best to zero. It crashes every time I try and use it. That is true on my phone, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. I keep thinking they will fix it. After a month they must know there is a major problem.
  • Crashes whenever I try to use CAS Calculus Transforms

    By MewInfinity
    Wow! One would think a company like HP checks if an app actually works. It turns out they do not! Simple example, try carrying out a Laplace Transform. The app will crash. Tried it on iPhone X and iPhone 8. HP, just do your job and carry out software deployment testing. You are losing loyal customers. Very disappointed.
  • Using Solve or cSolve crashes app

    By …….....................
    Try entering any input using solve or csolve. Instant crash to home screen. Please fix