HP Prime Pro

HP Prime Pro

By HP Inc.

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-12-16
  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 71.40 MB
  • Developer: HP Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 3
Based on 43 Reviews

HP Prime Pro App Description

HP Prime Pro is an extensive and integrated graphing calculator app that enables students to solve problems, learn, and explore on their mobile device. Designed with the same layout and features as the College Board approved HP Prime Graphing Calculator, the app answers the demands of the digital classroom and delivers flexible functionality anywhere you work. FEATURES: • Advanced graphing capabilities to graph implicit and explicit equations and inequalities, with the capability to trace or build tables of points of interest. • Use the Graph 3D feature to plot functions that define Z in terms of X and Y • Units & base conversions to handle the most complex problems in chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics and other engineering fields • Pinch-to-zoom and multi-touch capabilities for a hands-on, intuitive experience. • Full featured programming language including user defined functions and re-assignable keys • Perfect companion for secondary and collegiate mathematics courses with dynamic Geometry, Statistics, Finance, and Spreadsheet applications. • Just-in-time context-sensitive help available through the app. • Easily toggle decimals to special values of (a/b)*π, (a/b)*√(c/d), ln(a/b), and e^(a/b) • Solve single equations and systems of equations (linear and nonlinear).. • HP Prime Explorer allows the user discover several function families • Calculate bonds, cash flows, dates and more with the Finance feature. • Reduce keystrokes with optional RPN. • Delivers a multidimensional Computer Algebra System (CAS). • Authentic app, developed and supported by HP.


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App Reviews

  • Great Replica of the Calculator

    By The real BigJim
    Over all I love the representation of the calculator, but that makes it rather annoying to attempt to program on the calculator without the external keyboard. That was one of the biggest drawbacks to the actual calculator. An improvement that can be made is that the slide out menu would work on the iPhone in either rotation.
  • A total waste of money...

    By Lifeform13
    I bought an HP Prime when they first came out. It and the virtual on my pc are in sync and not as glitchy as they were when first acquired. Using the connectivity kit i can save and load programs on external media as well as interchange between devices. HP does not support the iPad. I would like to know one thing...how does one get years of programs from a pc into an iPad that doesn't seem to connect to anything useful? I'm using iOS11.4 As for the calculator itself...it's just like the real one. And just as glitchy
  • Getting better but still needs a lot of basic features

    By MewInfinity
    This is the best calculator app in the AppStore. However, it needs to be updated for the iPhone X ASAP. It also needs to become MUCH faster at startup (i.e. use the full processor capability of the iPhone). Furthermore, it would become the perfect calculator app if and only if in addition to the above they do the following: 1- Remove the hardware emulated keyboard and replace it with a modified standard keyboard. 2- Make it possible to write programs/functions and store them in the iCloud and iPhone AppData of the calculator. These are very easy to do for a company like HP and they can make it available within a week’s time.
  • Great calculator

    By bmk5140
    I use this for work alongside the real machine... HP has done a great job over the past few releases in tuning this app up. Only thing on my wishlist is full iPhone X display support as the shrunken version is a bit small.
  • Finally 3D graphing support

    By crushed in spirit
    Some bugs have finally been resolved and I’m really liking the new 3D graphing app!
  • Works pretty well!

    By Dr. 88 Keyz
    Overall, the app works fairly well and is faithful to the hardware version. However, there are a few annoying bugs which need to be fixed: - Sometimes crashes on startup - The title bar isn't hidden at all even when "Hide Tile Bar" is selected. (This bug isn't present in the free version of this app). 1/31/18 update Rev 1.40 appears to have addressed bugs and crashes... plus added new features and improved legibility/colors on keys! Hoping these new features get released on the hardware version soon.
  • Did work on iOS 11, doesn’t after update

    By Kevin37753
    Updated application, now works on iOS 11, no more black screen. 2 stars up to 4 now, thanks! I updated to iOS 11 on iPad Pro a week ago. Prime worked on that. So I just ust updated the app, and now I get black where the keyboard should go C’mon folks, let’s get this updated so it works. This app still carries the “hp” name, a name that once stood for only the very best in calculators. This app barely gets updated as it is, and when it finally does, you break it?
  • Brushed aluminum texture needs update.

    By greenchile505
    My iPad has 128GB of memory. I don’t think it will matter if HP adds an HD aluminum texture behind the keyboard. It’s the little things...
  • Product Improvement

    By mj2017-1
    14Oct17 Very Happy HP - Keep up the great work nice to see u still value your calculators. Note to HP Marketing - if you want to sell more Primes you need to get these high school teachers onboard with your product. They are all teaching TI’s. High school teacher education program and discount for the teachers may go a long way. I’m an engineer, not teacher so no conflict of interest here. Review Both sons now using HP Prime Calculator in high school (iphone version as backup). Im using to iphone version to help teach them and for work. I have one product improvement recommendation for the iphone version. Can you add an independant “click volume control” to the calculator app. The one thing i don’t like about the touch screen is the lack of feedback without physical keys. The screen “click” works really well but i have to raise the ringer volume to max to hear it. Inevitably I forget to lower the volume after using the calculator and my phone goes off in a meeting and i have to scramble to adjust the volume control or it is way too loud when I answer a call. Hey Apple...product improvement for you, a more mutifunctional volume control center would help other apps as well. Different volume control levels for ringer, voice, alarms, etc. would be a big improvement. May want to consider app level control as mentioned above. Thx *************** Old Review Below- bugs below havebeen fixed. Iphone 6 Plus IOS 10.2 30 year HP15C Fan Luv RPN Purchased Prime calculator for 15 yr old son and App for myself so i could help my son learn RPN and the calculator. Having the following issues but not all the time: 1). Tap on icon and app opens in background. Have to scroll thru open apps to find calculator. 2). Changes to the HOME SETTINGS do not hold after shutting down the App and restarting. Changed NUMBER FORMAT to FIXED-4 and reverts to STANDARD-8. Change ENTRY to RPN and it reverts to TEXTBOOK. Same thing for FONT SIZE. Does not do it every time. Have not been able to correlate with changes to shutdown sequence associated with closing App, clearing hostory or full power down of phone. Appears random in nature. Older ipad running IOS 9.3.5 does not exhibit same issue so far. Confident HP will fix issue. Happy so far with Prime and layout of calculator. Fix these issues and would consider giving 5-star. NOTE: Review made with just a few days of use.
  • Keys no longer visible!

    By hp-user
    The upgrade caused the calculator's "LCD" to be visible but everything else is a black background. If I randomly press in the black area, a key will be pressed but I can't see what I'm pressing.