Learn Japanese!!

Learn Japanese!!

By Howell Peebles

  • App Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-07-10
  • Current Version: 1.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 37.16 MB
  • Developer: Howell Peebles
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 799 Reviews

Learn Japanese!! App Description

Learn Japanese! provides a fast and easy way to learn the Japanese language. Features include: - Lessons with all Hiragana and Katakana - Lessons with Vocabulary and Grammar - Easy Show And Quiz style Teaching Method. - English to Japanese and Japanese to English. - Easily review previously learned lessons. - Audio pronunciation. - Network access not required.


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App Reviews

  • A few bugs

    By Ur mum XDDDDDddddd
    Works pretty well, though there are a few annoying bugs. Sometime you just can’t start lessons after katakana, and also the writing recognition is kind of wonky
  • Confusing

    By Ɩıŋɖʂɛყ
    As a beginner it’s hard for me to match the symbols with the letter and sounds it goes to. And while you are learning them the app uses two different styles of font. One of very stylized, as if it was someone’s handwriting. And one of it is like typing. And it’s very confusing because sometimes they look drastically different. And I feel like I have to learn two different versions of the symbol per letter/word I learn. If they just used the typed version for both, I think everyone would understand it better.
  • One of the best !

    By Minnow Speaks
    Yes, there is payment involved in this app. But before you immediately back out, the structure of learning plus the feature of writing stroke order and practicing calligraphy is extremely unique to this app and very helpful with both memorization and tidiness of your lettering. It is very helpful especially due to recalling characters from nothing has always been a major struggle for me—- which this app refines. It’s worth every penny and replaces expensive courses you would pay much more for.
  • Clear and easy

    By Mr IH
    I personally am starting to learn Japanese and needed an app that can teach me the basics and get me started on the road. This app was the perfect fit, it offered all of the kana, some kanji and basic words and phrases. My favorite part was the way it taught you everything from the pronunciation of every word and kana to even teaching you how to write each and every kana and then repeating what you learned to make sure you don’t forget. It also shows you the content to be reviewed every now and then to keep your learning in check. I would recommend purchasing all of the lessons because this app is worth the money.
  • Excellent.

    By AlienBladeStudios
    I am taking Japanese 1 right now and this is very helpful. I highly recommend this.
  • Good stuff

    By *:AustinW24:*
    This has helped me get used to seeing and saying the characters. I do not know if someone asked me to, if I could write out all the characters in hiragana. That said I am still learning. Regardless it is still helping me to identify and say the characters. So the more i use it, hopefully the better I will get.
  • Best available

    By ManjoBanjo
    It's actually very good. I've tried a lot of other apps, as well as some chart, pen, and paper type stuff. This is a much more successful method of learning characters. Update: The app desperately needs an option to review all hiragana only or all katakana only, as well as an advanced hiragana/katakana option.
  • Paid

    By hdimy
    Tons of free apps out there for this kind of stuff. Try Anki for free.
  • Love the writing

    By Theodor malla
    I really love that u can like write the characters as if u can do such, it can help u learn them better and it’s more of a learning experience for the characters than my other app that I use
  • Great app, but lots of bugs...

    By Fan3847202039
    EDIT: The developer released an update today! I haven’t tested it yet, but I’m upping this review to 4 stars (original review was 3 stars) because I appreciate the developer’s responsiveness. I’ll bump up to 5 if I notice things have improved Original: I’m halfway through the hiragana lessons, and I’m liking this app so far, esp the writing part. However, even during my short use, the app has crashed several times, and there have been many bugs. Scrolling sometimes doesn’t work, the “review past due” button disappears, even when there are things to review, and the multiple choice sometimes bugs out and repeats the same question but with the wrong answers hidden... These are annoying, but the content is so good, so 3 stars