By ROLI Ltd.

  • App Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-12-18
  • Current Version: 3.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 133.42 MB
  • Developer: ROLI Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.3
App Ratings: 3
Based on 590 Reviews

NOISE App Description

NOISE is a free app that makes music mobile, so you can sketch musical ideas anywhere you take your connected device. Using easy-to-learn gestures you’ll create beats, melodies, and songs with a diverse library of sounds — all on the touch screen of your phone or tablet. Extend the musical power of NOISE by pairing it with ROLI BLOCKS devices. A NEW APPROACH TO MAKING MUSIC A glass surface becomes unbelievably musical with NOISE, which lets you make and shape sounds by drumming the screen, gliding your fingers along it, pressing into it, and lifting off. You create music through intuitive gestures on a series of easy-to-navigate interfaces. A HIGH-POWERED MUSICAL SKETCHPAD Not only can you perform music with NOISE. You can also produce. Start by choosing from custom-made sounds that range from to string sections to crunchy hip hop basses. Record basslines and melodies as loops of varying lengths. Mix and match your loops to build amazingly multi-layered songs — all within the app. Then export your project to desktop studio software and refine your musical idea further. 500 SOUNDS — AND GROWING The ever-growing library of NOISE sounds include powerful percussion, sparkly synths, magic flutes, head-banging guitar leads, rousing orchestrals, and stunningly life-like acoustic strings and brass. World-renowned artists like Pharrell, Grimes, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Steve Aoki, and Rudimental have also created customized packs of their signature sounds. 35 sounds are completely free, and hundreds more are available through in-app purchases. ROLI BLOCKS TAKES YOUR MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL The power of NOISE expands when you connect to ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music-making system. Pairing wirelessly, NOISE becomes the sound engine for the Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block controllers. Apply the musical gestures you’ve learned in NOISE to the pressure-responsive silicone surfaces of BLOCKS — and be even more expressive. Watch films and learn more about BLOCKS on Minimum Requirements: • Phone 6 or higher • iPhone SE • iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro • iPod Touch 6th Gen • iOS 9 or higher


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App Reviews

  • Good but

    By Izblessed
    All this app does is ask for it to be reloaded in all my au daws. Love the fact it has good instruments and sounds but almost unusable right now due to it always being asked to reload.
  • Overdue fixes to this app are chasing users like me away

    By LewisFilm
    I love Roli hardware and the noise app continues to fall far short of the hardware’s potential. Over the last year I’ve reluctantly bought almost every part of the Roli blocks system... 2x seaboards, 2x lightpad blocks, 3x control blocks, two snapcases, and a fistful of soundpacks. So I’m as loyal a customer as I suspect you’ll find. Great hardware. Great VSTs. Terrible app. Terrible integration to mobile platforms for what is ostensibly a mobile instrument system. Users have been asking for some basic changes to Noise for a while, and they never seem to get updated. The biggest issues for the Noise app continue to be: - No input/output of either sound or midi to/from Noise. This is an outrageous limitation, given that even simple music apps made by a single person like ChordUP (a great app) have I/O. - No ability to transpose notes for the Seaboard Block, or to use the ‘Scale’ function in Noise with the Seaboard Block, it only works with the lightpad. You have to go onto a laptop or desktop and transpose the Seaboard from Dashboard... you can’t even really save multiple modes on the seaboard in different keys... because Noise overrides the seaboard block to default settings as soon as you plug it in. This is a maddening omission. - No sustain pedal lock. You have to hold down the sustain button with one hand and play with the other. The sustain icon in Noise is almost useless, and the same goes for the live block sustain button. - No normal clean piano sound in any of the noise packs across the entire noise soundpack system. This is a pretty significant oversite given that the Seaboard block is for keyboardists. - No ability to add a backing track to Noise, or to sync with a track playing in the background. The ‘Abelton Link’ integration only works to export Noise loops as WAV flies to an Abelton Grid. There’s no way in noise to import a track, and then record a Noise instrument to add to that track as a new composition. - No ability to make compositions longer than 8 bars?! Or sync those 8 bars with any other project in any other music app or DAW? - The I/O through audiobus is incredibly buggy... I spent an hour last night trying to get a single Noise instrument to record into Garaband in sync with a backing track... and I finally gave up. And its not because I don’t know how to use the apps... its because its fatally buggy across all my IOS devices, across all IOS updates. - While many, but not all, of the Roli soundpack instruments technically work as mobile VSTs with the plugin, they are so processor intensive that even my ipad pro crashes while using them more than they work. This is actually why you NEED the noise app to work. The concept is the right one... a mobile sketch pad that makes the most of the hardware in a stripped down way. BUT! This all falls apart if there is no interoperability, or if the Noise app doesn’t include the basic functions like adding a guide track, recording full length songs, transposing notes, or using a sustain pedal for a keyboard! I am at the end of a very expensive and frustrating year being a dedicated Roli customer. I continue to believe they are making something revolutionary.... but the problem isn’t how great the hardware is.... its that its not all that useful with an app that doesn’t even meet the basic requirements of a simple musical sketchpad that draws on their excellent set of virtual instruments. My first review for Noise was 4 stars, a year later it was 3 stars, and now I’m giving it 2 stars. They’ve added new features, but not got the basics right yet.
  • Waiting to be hacked

    By misterbethel
    The password field to create an account disables paste. Therefore all passwords are user created and therefore vulnerable. This is creating a treasure for a hacker.
  • Beware...

    By SDVO
    I would buy all the packs; if the sounds exported on music I spent valuable time on in garage band with my iPhone. My iPad as well does not help to get this done. These sounds do not export. Don’t waste your time professionals, trying to use this plug-in, or you’ll be upset in the end with hours of struggle and mental anguish. And just when you thought all would be well when you were done...
  • Really getting there - hardware, beyond belief

    By Atanguay
    Coupled with the Roli Seaboard Block and a regular Block, Noise has a TON of potential. The expressive sounds coming out of the shockingly good patches are just damned amazing. There are orchestral patches that make you think that you could score a whole movie in a park with your phone and that gear. Just utterly lush and amazing. And once again, the hardware blows my mind. The tactile feel is soothing and the ability to just sort of 'grab ahold' of the music is something that nothing electronic I've ever played with has. I keep coming back to 'expressive', but that's the best word. It feels like with enough practice and the right sounds, you could make something that would make people cry, or laugh, or any of the things truly powerful music can do. I spose it might not be for everyone, but I LOVE it. Back to Noise, my complaint is that the actual arranging is pretty much just for beat makers and EDM folks (unless I'm missing something, please tell me I am). It's a sequence based layout of just four bars a chunk. With a little more choice over your 'chunk length', you could compose almost anything! The Gadget model would work great. That structure REALLY limits what you can do with these astounding patches. They're just not allowed time to really 'sing'. You have to put everything into tidy little phrases, which, you know, is a bummer when you have pads that need to evolve. I for one will be waiting with bated breath for some kind of expansion like that. MDE is the future and Roli is bringing it to you, one squishy product at a time. Also...BUG can't choose what synth that the Seaboard should control without a Block also plugged in. It just ignores the change. PLEASE fix. iPhone and iPad. Bummer!
  • Numerous sound pacts don't work at all.

    By dontthinktoohard
    It is highly annoying how beautiful this app could be but chooses not to. Several of the sound packs that I purchased don’t work at all. I’ve tried them both on my iPhone eights plus and on my iPad Pro. I would like a refund. It’s too bad because the potential for this app is phenomenal. I get the impression that this app is meant to tease you with the technology so that you go desktop. I refuse on principle.
  • Good but unusable with some headphones

    By LaserGunX12
    I have beats wireless and all I hear on my loops is cracking and screeching it sounds like hell instead of a soothing beat other than that it’s good with cheap headphones
  • Really poor app...

    By PLakes
    The quality of Roli hardware demands an app that works consistently and is improved upon regularly. This app has so many glitches (the biggest being a bug that prevents you some switching the Bluetooth to another channel, it won’t let you select a different input of the three available) and updates create new problems. The interface, while attractive, has a lot of potential which is not used properly. I’ll just sit with my Seaboard block in silence until something good comes around from Roli. This app is unusable.
  • Nice idea, poor execution

    By Leom187
    This app would probably get 4 or 5 stars if it weren’t for the built in keyboard/playing surface. The pitches are arranged in stacked rows where each row increases in pitch left to right, until you reach the end of the row where you must go back to the beginning of the next row to get the next highest pitch. This requires two axis of movement just play the pitches, ON TOP of additional movement to vary the sounds. This is absolutely not ideal on a touch screen at all where fingers tend to want to slide in one direction. This makes for a tedious jamming experience as you must always watch your fingers carefully. Now you could use the Seaboard layout, but that layout lacks scale lock ability, another important aspect for jamming on a touchscreen. Please developers, i implore you, either add scale lock ability to the Seaboard layout, or change the square grid to a simple left to right, linear pitch arrangement with adjustable key width and range. Where x is pitch and y changes the sounds. There is simply too many axis of movement to keep track of on the square grid to truly lose yourself in the jamming process. I’m really not keen on paying for any of the GREAT sounds you’ve crafted if I’m not able to play them with ease. See iKaosillator or Animoog for examples.
  • Buyer beware

    By Samsjamz
    The controller is awesome unfortunately the app attempt is not. I try to come back and use this program but is like a bad relationship. No librarian function. STILL. The real question arises when these same issues have been shown since this app was introduced and no fixes. Meanwhile they are creating more sound packs to sell which further exacerbates the librarian inadequacies. Exporting files are for ableton live or raw loops which are ok but if they are implementing noise in garage band why not load loops created in noise into gb in the loop screen? When considering the purchase of the sound packs please realize that : As an app the quantization is basic - no choices there Noise will not work in the background on iPad. Noise will not work connected to a desktop via usb. The purchased sounds will ONLY work within noise. (See above) My biggest problem is that the performance of the keyboard is vastly different between the desktop and Idevice. There is no direct method to control the functions when using Bluetooth except by using this app, it is not the best implementation. My biggest issue is no piano mode within this app. Can you say frustrating?