Vert S

Vert S

By Andrej Mihelic

  • App Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-10-29
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 11.31 MB
  • Developer: Andrej Mihelic
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 22 Reviews

Vert S App Description

Vert S is an alternative version of critically acclaimed Vert - unit and currency converter. S stands for Speed. If you prefer lists and like to browse through categories, this app is not for you. If you are looking for a converter which will provide a super fast conversion, than this is your baby. Vert S supports over 800 units and 168 currencies along with precious metals. You can add an unlimited amount of custom units. By favouriting conversions you add them to your favourite list and make them easily available at any time. There is a yearly history chart for all currencies. ——————————————————————————— USABILITY • ADVANCED SEARCH feature - find units by name or code, find currencies also by country • Have your FAVORITE CONVERSIONS always at hand: create them fast and simple • Interactive HISTORY CHART FOR CURRENCIES to monitor their yearly volatility • AUTOMATIC CURRENCY ADJUSTMENT by country • Choose how you want to launch the app (with favourite, history, search or last conversion screen) • For best ACCURACY formula based converting is used • OFFLINE conversions • CALCULATOR at hand [ + - × ÷ ] • Automatic decimal place adjustment • Conversion HISTORY log • Super fast experience • Apple Watch support CONTENT • OVER 800 UNITS • 168 CURRENCIES AND PRECIOUS METALS with automatic updates • COMPOUND units (e.g. foot + inch, pound + ounce) • UNLIMITED SPACE TO ADD CUSTOM UNITS of your choice USER INTERFACE • OPTIMIZED for iPhone and iPad • SIMPLICITY in the service of efficiency • INTUITIVE usage • Clean and PIXEL-PERFECT design • Personalisation to suit your needs • A light and a dark theme • A white or red icon Have a question, comment or want to discuss the meaning of life? Contact us at


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App Reviews

  • Improvements made Since Original Vert

    By MrJackyLiang
    It’s unfortunate that the old Vert was phased out, but it’s great having your own personalized list of conversions than to find a ton of different ones. Also, I noticed a weird issue with the app. Somehow I saved my list of favorites last night, and everything is reset this morning. Probably need a fix for that.
  • From best to worst

    By andesvirgo
    I have the original Vert, and it was the best Converter app I’ve ever used. It was clean, intuitive, and organized. With this new version, although it is clean, I cannot find where anything is, and am completely lost. This is simply not an app that I can use with any reliability or understanding. I will continue to use the original Vert until I can find a new Converter app that is both usable and matches the UI of my iPhone X. I would probably have not even have written this review, and just deleted the app had it not been for the three dollars just wasted. Save yourself the money.
  • Disappointed!

    By daniums
    The new version is hard to use, I like the original vert much!
  • Great update

    By fuirious
    Working perfectly on the iPhone X. Best converter available.
  • Hate the new app

    By LeSupreme
    I loved the old vert. I can’t stand this one. Have to search for every unit is a pain. Adding each specific conversion to favorites is to find consuming and not convenient in the slightest. I’ve since tried the app amount and am much happier with it.
  • Good app, just needs some small changes

    By JLAuBuchon
    I love this app and use it weekly at the least. On vacation in Europe it was a jewel with the currency conversions (I’m using the paid version). As far as conversions it’s pretty good. I’d like to see more accuracy rather than rounding. For instance 25.3 mm, 25.4 mm and 25.5 mm all show 1 inch. So if you need precision, keep looking. Otherwise it works well. For the accuracy reason alone I’ve decided to look into new conversion apps.
  • Practical, simple, versatile, and beautiful (iPhone X redesign)

    By GeorgeOJ
    This is the best converter app - period. Although Amount Plus would be my very close second choice; when comparing, Vert wins for me based on incredible attention to detail. It includes a very complete range of conversions and units, and an ingenious, clever way to find them quickly, create a list of favorites for the ones you use often, or to access a history of recent conversions (important, when you want to quickly and discreetly check prices in a different currency in a store). Settings let you choose which screen opens first, and default country units. Its design has been thoughtfully updated for iPhone X, including a gorgeous dark theme. There are numerous unique design touches that you discover as you use it - for example, currency conversion screen has a tiny but easy to tap graph icon that shows how the relative exchange rate over time - useful if you want to see a trend and decide if changing more money or waiting is your best bet. It can also pick currency based on geo location automatically, which is a brilliant touch. It has served me well for several versions and updates now, and I was thrilled to see it upgraded to iPhone X so quickly, including a gorgeous dark theme, perfect for the OLED display. I have a few requests / suggestions. First, please include three common conversions for people with diabetes - this would make it even more useful, and would open up a new (big) market for this app. It would need to convert mg/dL to mmol/L (both ways), and ideally, also convert both of these into an estimated HbA1C based on the commonly used formula (more info for all these on Wikipedia). I know there is a place for a custom formula, but haven’t been able to figure out how to use it yet. I would also very much like to see the original Vert redesigned / updated for iPhone X - I don’t use it as often as this version, but it has a slightly different approach that is useful in different situations. Overall, thank you for a very useful and lovely app that is a pleasure to use. There
  • Best Conversion App

    By Nathan218
    This app is incredible - it's easy to use, fast, well designed, and polished. Thanks a lot for the great conversion app! Wouldn't even think of using any other app now.
  • Same thing as Vert.

    By Jendjdhdjdhsj
    It seems like a worse version of the original Vert app.
  • Wonderful

    By daschles
    I've been a vert fan since it started. Now I've switched to vert S and paid for pro. It is fast, well designed, fun, sharp. Well done.